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AAHIE has a modest and rich library which contains thousands of medical books and academic articles; the electronic library section is also in access to our students and professors. The library's mission is to assist the Faculty in fulfilling its mission of developing a graduate who will contribute to the health needs of individuals and community with competence, compassion and care by providing the up to date medical literature.

by Abdali Sens2012

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Dean Message

د احمدشاه ابدالي لوړو زده کړو خصوصي مؤسسه د مجربو،مسلکي، زړه سوانده او په وطن مینو استادانو د هیواد

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About Us

AAHIE is the most prestigious academic center for health sciences education in the graduate and undergraduate level courses and works under Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan

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