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I would like to heartily welcome you for visiting our website on behalf of the staff of Ahmadshah Abdali University, its faculty and administration. I am very happy to get to know you and help you make your academic journey a success. As rector of Abdali University, I am so glad to share the vision of our institution. In all our academic programmes, we are strongly seeking excellence and superior quality. Our main strength exists in a potent team of highly qualified academicians and dedicated personnel who are engaged in provision of excellent education. In a rapidly changing economic environment, Abdali University is committed to bringing a global perspective to all its programs and operations. We have been using latest technology for the delivery of the lessons. In coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan, we keep updating our curriculum's to make it aligned with global changes and needs. We believe in the preparation and support of global leaders in the national, global and civil economy. To be a student of Abdali University means that you belong to our close-knit society who will help you to achieve your vision of success from day one. Our objectives are to assist you develop, learn and fulfill your wishes. In Abdali University, you will be provided with plenty of facilities such as guidance and support, digital library, online student portal, fabulous academic environment, study abroad opportunities, internship opportunities and you will create life-long relationships and friendships through the rich social and cultural environment of our campus. There are plenty to learn more about Abdali University on our website. I encourage you to visit our lovely campus, meet our students, and see the excellent opportunities, activities and facilities offered by Abdali University.

by Abdali Sens2012

Dean Message

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د احمدشاه ابدالي لوړو زده کړو خصوصي مؤسسه د مجربو،مسلکي، زړه سوانده او په وطن مینو استادانو د هیواد

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Ahmad Shah Abadali institute of higher education committed to trains professional, skillful, capable and powerful personalities to offer quality and best services to their community through higher education.

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AAHIE is the most prestigious academic center for health sciences education in the graduate and undergraduate level courses and works under Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan. Ahmadsha Abdali institute of Higher education is founded by

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